Why Transtistic?

Welcome to my new blog.  I’m Max Sparrow of Unstrange Mind.  I started this blog as a place to talk about being transgender, being Autistic, and the intersections thereof.  This is not a hidden or secret blog, it’s just a set-aside, specialized place for talking about things that  increasingly feel like they need their own space in which to unfold.  So here we are.

You’ve seen the recent headlines, right?  They’re hard to avoid.  I’ve already written about the fascinating higher rates of genderqueer among the neuroqueer and vice versa.  It’s been well established that this intersection is on a well-traveled route.

I figure if, as the research I found and wrote about in the above-linked article claims, Autism appears ten times more often among visitors to gender clinics than among the general population, then as much as 15% of trans folks could be neuroqueer.  And if there’s seven times as much gender variance among Autistic children than children in the general population might be extrapolated out to tens of thousands of Autistics who are also genderqueer.

In short, there are a lot of us, a lot of Transtistics.  This blog is a place to share what that’s like, in my life and in the lives of other Transtistics I know.  If you are Transtistic and you want to do contribute anything to this project, whether it’s writing a guest post or just getting a shout out from this site to yours, talk to me.  The idea here is to write some stuff, share some stuff, and foster community.

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